p o r t l a n d s

by rocky lorelei

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homespun on a tascam portastudio mf-p01 to tape


released September 18, 2014

above photo of Annis McCabe's mixed media sculpture "the Great Mystery" is borrowed from the lynchburg fine arts centre's website

many thanks to birdie greenheart ~ treasured friend and immeasurably patient guide betwixt the analog and digital worlds



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Track Name: dear hermes
maybe i'd
commit the crime
if i held my breath, and i closed my eyes;
but i can't sleep, no i can't sleep,
i can't sleep no more.

not just anything flies
not just, not just-

maybe if i
carried a knife
i could cut the ties,
but, despite my tryin';
i can't sleep, no i can't sleep,
i can't sleep anymore.

it's been a while,
i'm swimmin' free
beside the child, inside of me
it's been a while, i'm swimmin' free
beside the girl, inside of me.

sorry i find it tough to try
it makes it hard to start,
so i'm a bit behind;

i can't sleep
Track Name: persephone
busy little button, why you so slow?
put your hands together, what a show!

mama's got a secret, you don't wanna know
wish she'd let me keep it
you don't want to know.

salty little honey, there you go;
got me feeling funny high and low.

gee, i'm feeling seasick- all the ebb and flow
wish that i could beat this
you don't want to know.

breakin' baby branches heel and toe
now i'm feeling anxious, oughta go.

wish that i could stay, but
something's in my throat.
i'd try to explain, but
you don't want-
Track Name: psyche
letting go can be beautiful
letting go can be-

oh my lord!
oh my lord,
all my friends are poor
all my friends are

finding god can be comical
finding god can be-

oh my lord!
oh my lord,
all my friends are whores
all my friends are

could you love me too?
i've been lookin' for you,
i've been thinkin' of you,
could you love me, too?

i could love you.
Track Name: hecate
we wax
we wax
we wane;

we grow
we pass
we pain;

hold you in my arms
till the cows come home again,

run toward the mountains
shout your name.

we wax
we wax
we wane;

the light,
the dark,
the grey;

hold each other close
it's a promise that we made,

search for you at sunrise
shout your name.
Track Name: inanna
i am no man's daughter
i'm alive

though there is a man who calls himself my father,
the child he mistakes me for has died.

did you really think that somehow i'd forget this?
well i tried.

i'm a survivor, but your daughter, she didn't make it;
i remember her she haunts me all the time.

it's hard to be the bearer
of this sad truth,
but i am not his daughter, i'm living proof-
i never had a father, this man's confused.

your daughter sir- i'm not her
it's tough to find the words, sir;
i know it hurts.

i'm alive
Track Name: ereshkigal
i'm real scared of dying
i swear, i really care

before i'm old, i've gotta wear my soul
down to the bone

i'm not ready to come home

i'm real sick of crying
i swear, it's tough to bear

before i'm sold, i've gotta let my soul

i'm not ready to come home

i feel tired just remembering
i swear my heart ain't there, anymore

before i go,
i've gotta let you know:

i've exorcised your holy ghost
i've rid my soul of your control

now you won't haunt this house no more.